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Listen to WMBR Online:

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Primary Links to Live Feeds:

The following links are M3U files which may work fine for you, but may require you to configure your web browser to open them with an external audio player, such as WinAmp, VLC, or iTunes.

LISTEN!https://wmbr.org/WMBR_live_128.m3u (128 kb/s, Stereo)
LISTEN!https://wmbr.org/WMBR_live_64.m3u (64 kb/s, Stereo)
LISTEN!https://wmbr.org/WMBR_live_32.m3u (32 kb/s, Mono)

Alternate Links to Live Feeds:

The following are direct links to our live audio streams. Older web browsers had trouble playing these types of links, but new browsers can usually play them just fine.

If your web browser just hangs when you click on one of these links, it's because it's trying to download the entire file (which is infitely large, so it will take a while). You may need to configure your web browser to open these links in an external MP3 player program.

LISTEN!http://wmbr.org:8000/hi (128 kb/s, Stereo)
LISTEN!http://wmbr.org:8000/med (64 kb/s, Stereo)
LISTEN!http://wmbr.org:8000/lo (32 kb/s, Mono)

Recommended Audio Players

You may want an external MP3 Player to listen to the webcasts or the archived audio programs:

Please note: Many people have reported trouble listening to our archives with Safari on Macintosh or iPhone.
Please consider using different software.

Windows Users... We recommend WinAmp.

If you already have WinAmp on your system and you can't get our streams to work, try installing a more recent version of WinAmp on your PC. If clicking on the above links still doesn't work, try the following:

  1. Launch the WinAmp application.
  2. Type control-L to "Open a Location".
  3. Copy and paste one of the following URLs into the "Open Location" box:
  4. Click the "Open" button and you should start hearing our stream!
  5. Type alt-I to save WMBR's stream as a bookmark. Now you can just right-click on WinAmp to pull up WMBR's stream as a bookmark.

Mac Users... We recommend VLC.

(Please note that Safari will try to play our streams and archives, but it has bugs, so it won't work right).

We have written up some instructions for installing VLC and getting it to work nicely with your computer. Please take a look.

Linux and Unix Users...Try using XMMS.

The above URL's do not work with XMMS, so instead use:
    http://wmbr.org:8000/hi for our 128kb/s high speed stream, or
    http://wmbr.org:8000/med for our 64kb/s medium speed stream, or
    http://wmbr.org:8000/lo for our 32kb/s low speed

Or, you can try using mpg123 from the command line. Type:
    mpg123 http://wmbr.org:8000/hi for our 128kb/s high speed stream, or
    mpg123 http://wmbr.org:8000/med for our 64kb/s high speed stream, or
    mpg123 http://wmbr.org:8000/lo for our 32kb/s low speed stream.

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