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The WMBR Rock/Pop/Punk Concert Report

Monday, May. 20
• Kali Masi, Latewaves, Michael Kane & the Morning Afters, and High and Dry - O'Briens
• Echo and The Bunnymen - House of Blues [7PM]
• Flora Algera, The Cherry Fog, and The Cheap Dates - Silhouette Lounge
• Of Oceans, Stephanie, and Tiny the Bear - The Jungle
Tuesday, May. 21
• Warrens, Dog Hotel, and Slo Anne - Middle East Upstairs
• Decent Criminal, Bummer Camp, Black Beach, and Sue - O'Briens
• Incantation, Ringworm, and Ascended Dead - Sonia
• Indoor Friends, The Nightblinders, and Done Right - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway
• Belmont, Can't Swim, and Capstan - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
Wednesday, May. 22
• Jameson Tank, Sons of Levin, and Overserved Again - Middle East Upstairs
• 1349, Spectral Wound, Antichrist Siege Machine, and Spirit Possession - Middle East Downstairs
• Tired Radio, Oh the Humanity!, and Bad Idea USA - O'Briens
• 30 Minutes Late, The Makeshift Kings, and Pardeeville - Silhouette Lounge
• Daughter of the Vine, Gossip Collar, The Concerns, and & Brighton Bazaar - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway [5-10PM]
• Bodysnatcher, Spite, Thrown, and Knosis - Paradise
• Alexander Stewart - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
• The Vumms, Harmony's Cuddle Party, and Lucky Star USA - The Rockwell [7PM]
• BoDeans, and Chris Trapper - City Winery [7:30PM]
Thursday, May. 23
• Spectral Voice - Middle East Upstairs
• Sun Junkies, The Dream Today, Dowsing Rod, and Youth Hockey - O'Briens
• Fleshwater, Modern Color, and 9 Million - Sonia [7:30PM SOLD OUT]
• Kid Capichi, and Blame My Youth - Brighton Music Hall
• Youth Fountain, Action/Adventure, Carpool, and 5Ever - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
• Abby Volta, CJ Honey, Pretty Rotten, and Hard Car - The Jungle
• Main Era, Sunforger, and Husbands - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+
• Abbath, Imperial Triumphant, Black Anvil, and Final Gasp - Sinclair
• Youth Fountain, Action/Adventure, and Carpool - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
Friday, May. 24
• Matthew Logan Vasquez, and Justin & the Cosmics - Middle East Upstairs
• Live Band Karaoke - O'Briens
• Smile Lines - Midway Cafe 21+ [10PM]
• OK Goodnight, Challenger Deep, and Lines in the Sky - Sonia
• SiM, Fame on Fire, and Within Destruction - Paradise
• Drain, Terror, Scowl, and more - Royale
• Kim Cogdon - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
• Abel Blood, Garden of Hedon, Octavate, and Graveyard of the Atlantic - The Jungle
• Decapitation In The Food Court, Bum Rush, and Intac - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Rufus Wainwright - City Winery [6:30PM/9:30PM]
• The Amity Affliction, Currents, and Dying Wish - House of Blues
• Cheerful Desolation Choir, and Tiny the Bear - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway [free]
Saturday, May. 25
• Spiter, and Desolus - Middle East Upstairs
• Velvet Dreaming, SLIC, Saade, and Misuser - O'Briens
• One Hundred Thorns, Cosmic Triumph, Skeleton Crew, and Back on the Fence - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Three Sided Die, On Regret, Declaw, and Sly Fang - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Crime in Stereo, Spaced, Billy, and Bicycle Inn - Brighton Music Hall
• The Ballbusters, and Classic Ruins - Square Root
• The Only Humans, Digit Parka, Steve Subrizi, and mynameisblueskye - The Jungle
• The Slow Death, The Fake Boys, Massive Nightmares, and Leisure Boys - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• Mach Bell Experience, and Davie Hull & the Dirty Angels - Magic Room, Norwood, MA
• Adrienne, Back of the Neck, Kidnapped, and more - Hingham Sons of Italy [7PM]
• Carissa Johnson, The Fatal Flaw, and The Callouts - Askew, Providence, RI
• Garbiela Rossi, In Use, and Personal Style - Wes's Rib House, Prov.
Saturday, May. 25 - Sunday, May. 26
• Death To All, and Cryptopsy - Middle East Downstairs all ages [7PM]
Sunday, May. 26
• Joey CXP, Evanlynroze & the Thornz, Wildfeuer, and Tattooed in Blue - Middle East Upstairs
• Problems, Flesh Produce, Lavagxrl, and Battlemode - O'Briens
• Burley Girlies, Your Friends In Hell, and Kirsten Kirk & The Dirty Work - The Jungle
• Heavy Hex, Spite House, and The Promised End - Bridge 9 Records, Beverly [7PM]
• Sunburned Hand of the Man, and Bong Wish - The Cut, Gloucester, MA
• Fugue State, Miranda, Spatula, and Miss Bones - State Park
• Atlantic Thrills, River City Rebels, The McGunks, and more - Scurvy Dog, Prov. [2PM]
Monday, May. 27
• XUI, Phagocyte, Secret Miracle, and Funerary Spell - O'Briens
• Cassidy Deadwater, The New Wright Brothers, Alec Sullivan, and Glori Wilder - Midway Cafe
• Saeddyr, Type 66, and Lover of Eve - Silhouette Lounge
• Lard Bob, Primal Devour, and Cascadian - The Jungle [6PM]
• Ki & The Boras Brothers - The Jungle [10PM]
Tuesday, May. 28
• GLOM, and Clifford - Middle East Upstairs
• Monsoon, Trash Rabbit, and Lady Pills - O'Briens
• Weekend Nachos, Vermin Womb, Sissy Spacek, and Backsider - Sonia
• Sam Strauss, Kev On The Keys, and Darien Castro - The Jungle [6PM]
• Thrust Club, Phantom Ocean, and Honey Cassette - Notch Brighton @ The Charles River Speedway
• Shannon and The Clams, and Tropa Magica - Sinclair all ages [7PM]
• Kathleen Hanna (Rebel Girl Book Tour) - The Wilbur [7:30PM]
Wednesday, May. 29
• Forn, and Lesser Blow - Middle East Upstairs
• Mallcops, Miniluv, Origami Summer, and Return Address - O'Briens
• DD's Daydream, and Catfish - Midway Cafe
• Exhumed, Skeletal Remains, Morbikon, and Bonginator - Sonia
• War Machine, Marcy the Baptist, Video Days, and Humbug - Silhouette Lounge
• Madness - MGM Music Hall [8PM]
• The Damned, and The Dictators - Big Night Live
• Symphony X, and Heathen - Paradise
• The Alarm, Jay Ashton's Gene Loves Jezebel, and Belouis Some - Brighton Music Hall [canceled]
• A Place to Bury Strangers, PONS, and Ski Club - Alchemy, Providence, RI
• The Antlers, and Okkervil River - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
Thursday, May. 30
• Liturgy, and Body Void - Middle East Upstairs
• Troll Milk, Throw, Scalp the Pioneer, and Blast Shield - O'Briens
• Camera Obscura, and Photo Ops - Paradise
• A Place to Bury Strangers, Suuuns, and JJUUJJUU - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
• Brain Tourniquet, C4, Burning Lord, and Impulse Control - Brighton Elks Lodge [7PM]
• A Place to Bury Strangers - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
• The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, Girth, and Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean - Center for the Arts at the Armory
• Sidebody, and Mint Green - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
Friday, May. 31
• Book Club, and Dynamo - Middle East Upstairs
• Public Circuit, Hexx Head, Pleasure Coffin, and Clock Serum - O'Briens
• The Chunky Seltzers - Midway Cafe
• Smash Into Pieces, and Versus Me - Brighton Music Hall
• Strawberry Guy - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
• TWIG, Man Must Explore, Why Try?, and The Skrims - The Jungle
• Zip Tie Handcuffs, and Idiot Genes - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+
• Goblin Mode, Sundrifter, Benthic Realm, and North Star The Wanderer - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• WORM, Kermit's Finger, Hagglers, Working Poor USA, and Scumbari - The C-Note, Hull, MA 21+ [7:30]
• Happy Little Clouds, This Body is All I Have in this World, and Stop that Man - Barewolf Brewing, Amesbury
Saturday, Jun. 1
• Casket Rats, Apollyon, and Zero Survive - Middle East Upstairs
• Downset, and Inverter - Middle East Downstairs
• Cigarette Camp, Battery March, Wake in Fright, and Gossip Collar - O'Briens
• Sapling, Orca Bones, Battlemode, and The Jacklights - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• Wnedy Lucas, Louder than Milk, and more - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Knocked Loose, Loathe, Show Me The Body, and Speed - Roadrunner [6PM, sold out]
• Janky Teeth, Buck Lonesome & The Table For One, and Saint Throwaway - The Jungle
• The Miles, Between, Riverbed, and more - Vault Music Hall, New Bedford, MA
• Beeef, Helenor, and Wooll - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
• Punk Rock Flea Market - Mayflower Brewing, Plymouth [noon]
• Spiller, The Black Cheers, The Wynotts, and Fur Coat Judy - New World Tavern, Plymouth
• The Miles Between, Shapethrower, and more - Vault Music Hall, New Bedford, MA [7PM]
Sunday, Jun. 2
• Gardenia, Already Dead, Crash Cadet, and Rain Huose - Middle East Upstairs
• Paper Lady, Mingko, Pons, and Bricklayer - O'Briens
• Martin/Morell/Fredette - Midway Cafe [3PM]
• Yoni Gordon & the Goods, Slo Anne, and Sailor Down - State Park
• Superdown, Today Junior, Nicotines, and Unseemlier - Coco's Clubhouse, Cleveland Circle
Monday, Jun. 3
• Jamie Cain, Timbear, Noah Maltsberger, and Char Baba - Midway Cafe
• Prof Caffeine & the Insecurities, Will Tell Aim, and Weatherless - Silhouette Lounge
Tuesday, Jun. 4
• Subhumans, and FEA - Middle East Downstairs [6PM]
• Orbiter, Peanut Butter, The Azures, and Space Casino - O'Briens
• Vicious Pillow, Blue Aphasia, and Celsius - The Jungle
• Joe Jackson - The Wilbur
Wednesday, Jun. 5
• Bill Marchiafava, Chandler, and WHYTRI - Middle East Upstairs
• Mnemonic Pulse, XARD, Frske, and Unsheathed Glory - O'Briens
• Lauran Hibberd - Sonia all ages
• Of Montreal, and Godcaster - Sinclair
• The Menzingers, Lucero, and The Dirty Nil - Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI
Thursday, Jun. 6
• Chrome Waves, Gridfailure, and Lesotho - Middle East Upstairs
• Graviton, Viqueen, The Outlourdes, and Stryga - O'Briens
• The Scarlet Opera - Sonia
• Reverend Horton Heat, and Surfrajettes - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
• Black Hippie - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
Friday, Jun. 7
• Masacre, and Sadistic Ritual - Middle East Upstairs
• Hope Conspiracy, Umbra Vitae, COW, and New Lows - Middle East Downstairs [6:30PM SOLD OUT]
• Swansea Sound, Jeanines, and Zowy - O'Briens
• The Invincible Casuals, and The Buttercups - Midway Cafe [10PM]
• Lady Wray, and Brainstory - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
• Little Miss Echo, and Paper Lady - Lilypad
• Rival Society, Island of Alalska, and Past Life Crisis - The Jungle
• Stryper - Tupelo Music Hall, Derry, NH
Saturday, Jun. 8
• Hollow River, Cheer Camp, and Zion Rodman - Middle East Upstairs
• Minibeast, Black Helicopter, Kudgel, The Mitchells, and Boston Typewriter Orchestra - Middle East Downstairs [2PM, benefit for Mark from Kudgel]
• Clint Conley, Chris Brokaw, and & many more - Middle East Downstairs [benefit continues]
• Regal Seagull, Feep, Lesser Birds, and Gimmick - O'Briens
• The Chelsea Curve, Stars Like Ours, Duck & Cover, and State of the Union - Midway Cafe all ages [3PM]
• E, Rong, Handsy, and Medical Maps - Midway Cafe 21+ [9PM]
• Dan Webb & The Spiders, Ezra Cohen & The Big City Band, Perfectly Lethal, and Kelly Rose Francis - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
• PA's, The Macks, and Ace Macguire's Acid Tabs - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+
• Hank Williams Jr. - Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA [7PM]
• Intensive Care Unit, The Rejekts, The Pump, and Skud - News Cafe, Pawtucket
Sunday, Jun. 9
• Kojaque - Middle East Upstairs
• Doctor Deaf, Chrome Over Brass, Komodo, and Rojo - O'Briens
• Dadda, The Oxford Drive, and Cheever - Midway Cafe
• The Dogmatics, Band 19, Martin/Morel/Fredette, and Spiller - Magic Room, Norwood, MA [2PM]
• Siege, Cointinued Without a Finding, and Impulse Control - Cubist Circle, Weymouth [6PM]
Monday, Jun. 10
• Snarls, and Yasmin Nur - The Rockwell all ages
• Bleachers - MGM Music Hall [7:30PM]
Tuesday, Jun. 11
• Protomartyr, and Fashion Club - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
Wednesday, Jun. 12
• Strung Out, The Adolescents, and Mercy Music - Brighton Music Hall
Thursday, Jun. 13
• The Fleshtones, Tiger Bomb, and Cal's Conspiracy - Magic Room, Norwood, MA
• Quasi, and Jeffrey Lewis - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
• John Langford, and Jesse Ahearn - The Cut, Gloucester, MA
Friday, Jun. 14
• Linnea's Garden, Ruby Grove, Cinday Lawson, and Lovewhip - The Jungle
• Pink Slip, Pomp, and Hell Beach - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
• Bikini Whale, Speedfossil, and Cold Expectations - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Saturday, Jun. 15
• D.R.U.G.S., Savage Hands, Downswing, and The Requiem - Middle East Downstairs
• Anti-Heros, The Antagonizers, Klaxon, and Intimidation - Sonia [7PM]
• Good June, Impossible Dog, Tatooine Punk Scene, and Professor Caffeine & The Insec - The Jungle
• Unearth, Bleeding Through, Overcast, Fuming Mouth, and All Out War - Big Night Live [3PM]
• Thick Fuzz, Real Beaut, and The Rupert Selection - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA
Sunday, Jun. 16
• SAADE, and The Nobodies - The Jungle
• The Living Tombstone, and Qbomb - Sinclair all ages [7PM]
• Pixies, Modest Mouse, and Cat Power - Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA [6:30PM]
Monday, Jun. 17
• White Reaper, and Spiritual Cramp - Brighton Music Hall
Tuesday, Jun. 18
• Subfobias, Stressballs, and Fal Accused - The Jungle [6PM]
Wednesday, Jun. 19
• Future Islands - Roadrunner
Thursday, Jun. 20
• Dada - City Winery [7:30PM]
• Sundrifter, Geezer, Worshipper, and Adaptor Adaptor - Alchemy, Providence, RI
• Nick Lowe, and Los Straitjackets - Narrows Center, Fall River
Friday, Jun. 21
• Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - City Winery [7:30PM]
• Cosmic Psychos, Nine Pound Hammer, and M.O.T.O. - Brighton Music Hall
• Pallbearer, The Keening, and REZN - Sinclair 18+
• The Church, Afghan Whigs, and Ed Harcourt - Royale 18+ [6PM]
• Airiel, Blushing, and Body Wash - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
• This Will Destroy You, and Christopher Tignor - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
Saturday, Jun. 22
• Saetia, Sinaloa, and New Forms - Middle East Downstairs
• Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, and Ekko Astral - Paradise [8PM]
• Guided By Voices - Royale [7PM]
• Club 9 Ball, Aluminium, and Lucas Diablo - The Jungle [4PM]
• Deke Dickerson, Jittery Jack, and The Centuries - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA all ages [7PM]
Sunday, Jun. 23
• Awful Din, Good Karma, Undeemlier, and High and Dry - The Jungle [5PM]
• Bridge City Sinners - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages [7PM]
• The Mavericks - Cabot Theater, Beverly, MA [7PM]
Wednesday, Jun. 26
• W.I.T.C.H., and Rahill - Brighton Music Hall all ages [7PM]
• Lloyd Cole - City Winery
• Blue Oyster Cult - Lynn Auditorium, Lynn, MA [8PM]
Thursday, Jun. 27
• Necrot, Bat, and Street Tombs - Sonia
• Lip Critic - O'Briens
• Sean Morimoto - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages
Friday, Jun. 28
• I Am the Avalanche, and Be Well - Brighton Music Hall
• Mapache, and Swinging Stars - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages [7PM]
Saturday, Jun. 29
• Tree - Brighton Music Hall [6PM]
• Versus, Hallelujah the Hills, Mark Robinson, and more - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages ["Breakfast of Grampions"]
• Daniel Weingarten - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
• Blackmore's Night, and The Wizard's Consort - Berklee Performance Center [6:30PM]
Sunday, Jun. 30
• Tennis Courts, and Range Life - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
• Les Savy Fav - Center for the Arts at the Armory all ages [7PM]
• Pedro the Lion, and Squirrel Flower - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages [7PM]
Tuesday, Jul. 2
• Os Mutantes - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre all ages [7PM]
Wednesday, Jul. 3
• UB40 - The Wilbur
Friday, Jul. 5
• Mark Sandman Memorial Concert - The Cut, Gloucester, MA
• Fresh, Ogbert The Nerd, Mint Green, and Old Soul - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+
• Hate Still Burns, Grasp, and Gumskab - New World Tavern, Plymouth
Thursday, Jul. 11
• Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Oceanator - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
Friday, Jul. 12
• Maddie Wiener - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
Sunday, Jul. 14
• Daryl Hall & Elvis Costello & The Imposters, and Charlie Sexton - MGM Music Hall
Thursday, Jul. 18
• The Ergs, Boris the Sprinkler, and Egghead - Crystal Ballroom @Somerville Theatre
• Hunter Hill - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+
Friday, Jul. 19
• The Pretenders - MGM Music Hall
• Fredag den 13e, Total Maniac, and more - Central Square Elks Lodge [6PM]
Saturday, Jul. 20
• Have Heart, Gel, Eye for an Eye, and more - Roadrunner [6PM, sold out]
• Oneida, and E - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
Tuesday, Jul. 23
• Truth Club, YouBet, and Clifford - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+ [7PM]
Wednesday, Jul. 24
• Me In Capris, Steve Marino, Damian, and Unseemliar - Faces Brewing, Malden, MA [7PM]
Thursday, Jul. 25 - Sunday, Jul. 28
Vundabar, Palehoud, Bay Faction, Model/Actriz, and many more - Davis Square, Somerville [Nice, a Fest]
Monday, Jul. 29
• Maserarti, and Unwed Sailor - Deep Cuts, Medford, MA 18+
Thursday, Aug. 1
• Black Flag - Sonia all ages [6:30PM]
Friday, Aug. 2
• Negative Approach, and Dropdead - Sonia [7PM]
Saturday, Aug. 3
• Cheap Trick - MGM Music Hall
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