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Sunday Programs:
6-8am Compas sur FM
Hosted by: Emmanuel Rene
The show's goal is to present Compas Music to WMBR's audience.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 6:00 am  
Sun May 12 6:00 am  
8-10am Haiti Focus
Hosted by: Jacques-Antoine Jean & Carline Desire
Dedicated to the Haitian community, featuring community information, interviews, reports on issues related to women, immigration law, health care, education, politics, development, & the current situation in Haiti and the diaspora. Lastly, a little music.

Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 8:00 am  
Sun May 12 8:00 am  
Alternates Weekly
Radio with a View
Hosted by: Marc Stern
Economic democracy, human rights, and other idealistic visions of the world with interviews and music to get your mind and body in sync. Visit https://www.mixcloud.com/radiowithaview for podcasts of this show.
Upcoming shows: Jun 2, Jun 16
Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 10:00 am Playlist
Alternates Weekly
Radio with a View: A History Lesson
Hosted by: Dave Goodman & Marc Stern
Bon voyage with Marc Stern and Dave Goodman as we travel through the ancient archives of Radio with a View. You'll be shocked how little has changed in 20 plus years. It's a real history lesson...
Upcoming shows: May 26, Jun 9
Listen to past shows: Sun May 12 10:00 am  
11am-Noon Dewey Decibel System
Hosted by: Ev Berger-Wolf
Calling all literature lovers! Get cozy, grab a cup of tea, and listen in each week as I discuss a book/poem I love (or feel otherwise strongly about) and the music that captures its vibe.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 11:00 am Playlist
Sun May 12 11:00 am Playlist
Noon-2pm Subject to Change
Hosted by: Patrick Bryant
Subject to Change plays the same song(s) again and again and again and again and again. And again. Warning: show may contain Andy Williams.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 12:00 pm Playlist
Sun May 12 12:00 pm Playlist
Alternates Weekly
Treaty of Tordesillas
Hosted by: Mercado & Amy Battisti-Ashé
Bringing you Latin rhythms from across the Americas since 2018. Sounds from all languages of Latin America with our trademark banter. Trad, folk, pop, rock & more from Los Algodones to Tierra del Fuego-- and BOTH sides of the treaty line. Vamos lá!
Upcoming shows: Jun 2, Jun 16
Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 2:00 pm Playlist
2-3pm Sloanies Are People Too
Hosted by: Matthew, Wei, and Eric
Eavesdrop on the conversation at the back of the class, talking about the vibe not business. We are going to disrupt the internet with FM radio.
Upcoming shows:
none available
Alternates Weekly
Effa's Lounge
Hosted by: Effa Longe
DISCLAIMER: Effa's last name is NOT pronounced Lounge!!! I play music from my 5-day-long K-Pop playlist and my shorter-but-still-long J-Rock playlist. K-Rock, K-R&B and J-Pop are sometimes played as well!
Upcoming shows: May 26, Jun 9
Listen to past shows: Sun May 12 3:00 pm  
4-6pm Africa Kabisa
Hosted by: Brutus Leaderson and Nan Tian
Africa Absolutely! Since 1992, Boston's African music radio show. Classic and contemporary African and Afro-Caribbean music. Soukous, rumba, zouk, kompa, makossa, mbalax, and more. Alternates weekly with World Beat.

Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 4:00 pm  
Sun May 12 4:00 pm  
Alternates Weekly
The Grunch Hour
Hosted by: Nikasha
Munch on grunge, shoegaze, and rock of all dissociating flavors. Featuring a sonic spread sampled (mostly) from the 90's. Served fresh, with a hint of angst. Satisfy your appetite for the raw, the real, and the resonant.
Upcoming shows: Jun 2, Jun 16
Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 6:00 pm Playlist
6-7pm Deep Dive Down
Hosted by: Fara
A mix of black artists' discography across genre, time, and space. (A new country every show!)
Upcoming shows:
Listen to past shows: Sun May 12 6:00 pm  
7-8pm Pulsewidth
Hosted by: Willow & William
Fast tempos. Harsh textures. Intricate rhythms. Venture into jungle, feel drum'n'bass, move to footwork, and expand your horizons with IDM. Know you can rely on Pulsewidth to provide you with experimental beats that'll blow out your speakers!
Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 7:00 pm  
Sun May 12 7:00 pm Playlist
8-9pm Midwest Pizzeria
Hosted by: Noah Roberts and Kayode Dada
Music you would hear in a dead pizza place in the midwest. The pizza is mid but the music is pretty good. Neither of us is from the midwest, but one of us made pizza and the other is named Noah. Our couple's therapist said this would be a good thing for us.
Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 8:00 pm  
Sun May 12 8:00 pm  
9-10pm Shape-Shift & Trick
Hosted by: Hannah
Get the week started right by hitting that musical sweet spot of alternative, indie rock, and pop hits.
none available
10pm-Midnight For Your Pleasure
Hosted by: Ré Antoine
39 years, BEST R&B Ballads, Jazz, Inspiring Information places you in a sensual mind set; an eargasmic ride. Email your dedications/requests to fyp.wmbr@gmail. The purrfect Sunday night; dim lights, enjoy love's vibes..."For Your Pleasure"!!!

Listen to past shows: Sun May 19 10:00 pm Playlist
Sun May 12 10:00 pm Playlist
Midnight-1am Post-Tentious
Hosted by: Anton Perez
post music for post people. we will regularly play post-punk, post-rock, post-hardcore, hardcore punk, art/avant garde punk, no wave, math rock, noise rock, shoegaze, and experimental hip hop.
Listen to past shows: Mon May 20 12:00 am  
Mon May 13 12:00 am  
1-2am Beats to Build to
Hosted by: Edwin Trejo Balderas, Santiago Yrigolla, Cristopher Miranda
We play a variety of Mexican music from all eras. From banda to cumbia to punk rock and more, tune in to hear songs that make you want to get building.
Listen to past shows: Mon May 20 1:00 am  
Mon May 13 1:00 am  
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