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Weekly Rock Report for December 10, 2022
1 Ribbon Stage Hit With The Most perennialdeath
2 Fuxa Covered In Stars rocketgirl
3 Ardillas Canciones de Amor Locura y Muerte Slovenly
4 Charley Crockett The Man From Waco Son of Davy
5 Various 5 Chinabot
6 Delivery Forever Giving Handshakes Feel It
7 Nasty Rumours Bloody Hell What A Pity! Wanda
8 Ghost Car Truly Trash One Little Independent
9 The Beths Experts In A Dying Field Carpark
10 /DL/MS/ Calanhi Remixes Trust
11 Hood Rats Drop In Burn Out -
12 Subfusion Second Phaze Metalheadz
13 New Buck Biloxi Cellular Automation Total Punk
14 Smirk Material Feel It
15 Atoris Sea & Forest Moon Glyph
16 Holy Ship Sun Macabre Declared Goods
17 Ben Pest Amirite Mechatronica
18 James Shinra Surface Analogical Force
20 Triangle Rain Club Triangle Rain Club -
21 GIFT Momentary Presence Dedstrange
22 Metrics Demo 2022 -
23 Yellow6 A Change In The Weather sound in silence
24 Cosey Fanni Tutti Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and the Legendary Tapes Conspiracy International
25 Dignan Porch Electric Threads Repeating Cloud
26 Gaffer Dead End Beat Drunken Sailor
27 Cloud Management Cloud Management Altin Village & Mine
28 Alien Nosejob Stained Glass Anti-Fade
29 Sloptart Full of Juice -
30 Joy Beacon Of Excess Girlsville
31 Roy Montgomery Camera Meloncholia Ba Da Bing!
32 Snake Chain Snake Chain Upset The Rhythm
33 DIIV Live At The Murmrr Theatre Captured Tracks
34 Hot Chicks Legalize It Urticaria
35 DOCTOR EXPLOSIÓN Superioridad Moral Slovenly
36 Mikkel Plough Day In The Sun Songlines
37 Primer Infant Era Por Flexidiscos
38 Frankie and the Witch Fingers Electricide / Chalice The Reverberation Appreciation Society
39 The Mudd Club Give Me A Thrill SMC
40 The Reds Pinks & Purples They Only Wanted Your Soul Slumberland

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