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Weekly Rock Report for October 1, 2022
1 Sick Thoughts Heaven Is No Fun Total Punk
2 Preoccupations Arrangements Flemish Eye
3 The Black Angels Wilderness of Mirrors Fuzz Club
4 Pink Frost Until The Summer Comes Under Road
5 Terra Pines Downbeats False Peak
6 Death Cab for Cutie Asphalt Meadows Atlantic
7 The Chats Get Fucked Bargain Bin
8 exwhite / The Gobs Split Turbo Discos
9 Channelers Time Space and Thought Inner Islands
10 Delivery Forever Giving Handshakes Feel It
11 Sulk If You Look Long Enough It All Starts Moving -
12 The Beths Experts In A Dying Field Carpark
13 Polaroid Notes Cloud Anthems Whitelabrecs
14 The Dreamtoday A Static World -
15 Esmerine Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More constellation
16 The Vandoliers The Vandoliers Amerikinda
17 The Sadies Colder Streams Dine Alone
18 Psychic Graveyard & USA Nails Split Skin Graft
19 LazyLazy Penny Days -
20 Spacemoth No Past No Future Wax Nine
21 White Lung Premonition Domino
22 Crankees Lucky Ones -
23 Dropkick Murphys This Machine Still Kills Facists PIAS
24 Stephen Bates All The Things That Happen Constellation
25 Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Super Deluxe Edition) Nonesuch
26 Marisa Anderson Still Here Thrill Jockey
27 De Lux Do You Need A Release? Innovative Leisure
28 The Uglies Planet Uglies Sorry State
29 James Murray Careful Now Home Normal
30 Odd Men Out Odd Men Out Dirty Water
31 R.M.F.C. Access Anti Fade
32 Fossil Hunting Collective Cyanotype Whitelabrecs
33 The Pinheads The Mirror Farmer & The Owl
34 Various Unity Pt. 3 Afterlife
35 Zemi17 Gamelatron Bidadari The Bunker New York
36 Laura Cannell and Kate Ellis October Sounds Brawl
37 Alien Nosejob Stained Glass Anti-Fade
38 Librarians With Hickeys Handclaps & Tambourines Big Stir
39 The Downhauls Versus (All Modern Evils) Rum Bar
40 Split System Vol.1 Legless

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