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Weekly Rock Report for January 15, 2011
1 Rattlesnakes Spread For The Wide Eagle TRS
2 Faces on Film Some Weather -
3 Various Stardumb 50 Stardumb
4 Lobsters All Night Lovin Man / Diddy Wah Diddy Magpie
5 Cradle To The Grave 6-song ep -
6 Gang of Four Content YepRoc
7 Night Fruit Triangles EP -
8 Jonathan Richman Moon Queen of Night On Earth Vapor
9 Devil Magister Mundi Zum Coven/Unborn
10 Surf City Kudos Arch Hill
11 Demdike Stare Tryptych Modern Love
12 I-10's Fighting For A Golden Age Music Submit
13 Samiam Orphan Works No Idea
14 Hadoken Luminary -
15 Los Explosivos Sonidos Rocanrol Get Hip
16 Sub Swara Triggers Low Motion
17 Unko Atama Another Creature -
18 Kurt Von Stetten Pyramid Static Motor
19 The Black Ryder Buy The Ticket Take The Ride Mexican Summer
20 Hex Map Cryptidography Claw Solutions
21 Epstein Remixes -
22 White Lung It's The Evil Deranged
23 Wheels On Fire Liar Liar Alien Snatch
24 No Joy Ghost Blonde Mexican Summer
25 Action 45 Bastards Of America -
26 Sarah & The Tall Boys A Lifetime Worth Of Sin KITH.
27 Rafael Toral Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance Touch
28 Sweet Apple Love + Desperation Tee Pee
29 Nose Jobs Demo! -
30 Tony Savarino Guitaring Naked Ear
31 Cats On Fire Dealing In Antiques Matinee
32 Penis Flytrap Triple Suicide -
33 Diego & the Dissidents Contaminated Waters Quite Scientific
34 Wry Blueprint to Nero/Temp of Will Forge
35 Kidnappers Will Protect You Alien Snatch

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