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Weekly Rock Report for February 16, 2002
1 Various Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack Hollywood
2 La Donnas Complicated Fun Scooch Pooch
3 Beltones Cheap Trinkets TKO
4 Deep Reduction 2 Get Hip
5 Various Estrus Double Dyno-mite Sampler Vol 3 Estrus
6 Sunshine Fix Age of the Sun Emperor Norton/Kindercore
7 Dictators DFFD Dictator
8 Dragons Rock 'n' Roll Kamikaze Junk
9 Certain General An Introduction to War Sour Mash
10 Household Names The Trouble With Being Nice Top 40
11 Konks The Konks -
12 Zakary Thaks For the Habit Sundazed
13 Gasoline Take It to the People Estrus
14 Teenage Fanclub Howdy! Thirsty Ear
15 Various 3.5 EPs SharkAttack!
16 Tristeza Mixed Signals Tiger Style
17 Lali Puna Scary World Theory Morr Music
18 Buff Medways This is This Vinyl Japan
19 Bad Religion The Process of Belief Epitaph
20 Konks "Three Mile Baby 7""" Baby Doll
21 "Benson, Brendan" Lapalco Star Time
22 Various "Give ""Em the Boot III" Heelcat
23 Willard Grant Conspiracy/Telefunk Willard Grant Conspiracy/Telefunk Konkurrent
24 Fall Are You Are Missing Winner Cog Sinister
25 Josh Ritter Golden Age of Radio Signature Sounds
26 Burnouts Close to Break Evil Bad Afro
27 Count Me Outs Count Me Outs Punk Rock
28 Dipsomaniacs Stethoscopic Notion Camera Obscura
29 Einsturzende Neubauten 1991-2001 Mute
30 Steffen Basho-Junghans Waters in Azure Strange Attractors Audio House
31 Richard Devine Aleamapper Schematic
32 ManPlanet An Introductory to Musicianship ManPlanet
33 Outcasts Complete Singles Collection Anagram
34 Caboto Nauta Scenester

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