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Monthly Rock Report for January 2002
1 Zombies Zombie Heaven Big Beat
2 Various Seeds Turn to Flowers Turn to Dust Bacchus Archives
3 Damnation (of Adam Blessing) The Second Damnation Akarma
4 Dictators DFFD Dictator
5 La Peste The La Peste Archives -
6 Deep Reduction 2 Get Hip
7 Various 3.5 EPs SharkAttack!
8 La Donnas Complicated Fun Scooch Pooch
9 Konks The Konks -
10 Wendy + Bonnie Genesis Sundazed
11 Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian Germanofan
12 Reds It's About Time Rip Off
13 Fall Are You Are Missing Winner Cog Sinister
14 Chargers Street Gang Holy the Bop Apocalypse Get Hip
15 Lost Sounds Black-Wave Empty
16 Zakary Thaks For the Habit Sundazed
17 Various RAFR Vol. 3 RAFR
18 Konks "Three Mile Baby 7""" Baby Doll
19 Nuthins One Step Forward Twist
20 Outcasts Complete Singles Collection Anagram
21 Household Names The Trouble With Being Nice Top 40
22 Cripplers One More For the Bad Guys Dionysus
23 Lassie Foundation The Eldorado LP Anisette
24 Tim Buckley Once I Was Fuel 2000
25 Armitage Shanks Never Mind the Ballcocks Vinyl Japan
26 Sugabomb Sugabomb -
27 Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request Abkco
28 ManPlanet An Introductory to Musicianship ManPlanet
29 Josh Ritter Golden Age of Radio Signature Sounds
30 Burnouts Close to Break Evil Bad Afro
31 Reflecting Skin Agony Star Luminous Motion
32 Buff Medways This is This Vinyl Japan
33 Hives Main Offender Big Wheel
34 Breathe In From This Day On Bridge 9
35 Vice Principals After School With... Sympathy For the Record Industry
36 Decals Drive-By Kiss Off Fork in Hand
37 Sunshine Fix Age of the Sun Emperor Norton/Kindercore
38 Various La Consecuecia de Tus Pecudos Scooch Pooch
39 Certain General An Introduction to War Sour Mash
40 Holzkopf Only a Bad Harvest Can Save Us Dainty Deathy
41 Count Me Outs Count Me Outs Punk Rock
42 Dipsomaniacs Stethoscopic Notion Camera Obscura
43 Stereo Total Musique Automatique Bobsled
44 Bad Religion The Process of Belief Epitaph
45 Les Drageurs A La Surboum! Wild Wild
46 Morsel Para Siempre Smallstone
47 "Guerrero, Tommy " Junk Collector Mowax
48 Slint Spiderland Touch & Go
49 Cranes Future Songs Instinct
50 Neil Halstead Sleeping on Roads 4AD

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