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Monthly Rock Report for August 2001
1 Various Nuggets II Rhino
2 Scared of Chaka Crossing With Switchblades Hopeless
3 Blow Up True Noise Empty
4 American Analog Set Know By Heart Tigerstyle
5 Action Is Blackbelt The Record Party
6 Murder City Devils Thelema Sub Pop
7 Four Corners Say You're a Scream Kindercore
8 Hudson Falcons For Those Whose Hearts and Souls Are True Hudson Falcons
9 "Zedek, Thalia" Been Here And Gone Matador
10 Jimmy Eat World Bleed American Dreamworks
11 Faint Danse Macabre Saddle Creek
12 Cosmic Rough Riders Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine Poptones
13 Clean Getaway Merge
14 Fantomas The Director's Cut Ipecac
15 King Brothers King Brothers In the Red
16 Stereolab Sound-Dust Elektra
17 Strike Anywhere Change is a Sound Jade Tree
18 Boss Martians Move Dionysus
19 Various Tigerbeat6 Inc. Tigerbeat6
20 Pram Somniloquy Merge
21 Tight Bro's From Way Back When Lend You a Hand Kill Rock Stars
22 White Stripes White Blood Cells SFTRI
23 Outrageous Cherry The Book of Spectral Projections Poptones
24 Sights Are You Green? Fall of Rome
25 Dumptruck Lemmings Travel To The Sea Devil In The Woods
26 Boys Complete Boys Punk Singles Collection Anagram
27 Bedbug Happiest of Hours Two Sheds
28 Masonics Down Among the Dead Men SFTRI
29 Zodiac Killers Have a Blast Rip Off
30 American Steel Jagged Thoughts Lookout
31 Auto Interiors No Frill Halo Flight Warm Design
32 Twigs Epicure Endearing
33 Ivory Coast Clouds Polyvinyl
34 Fleshies Kill the Dreamer's Dream Alternative Tentacles
35 Three Years Down Snakes Bite 702
36 Gunmoll Anger Management for Chords or Bass No Idea
37 Arling & Cameron We Are A & C Emperor Norton
38 Man or Astroman? Beyond the Black Halo Estrus
39 Nine Shocks Terror Paying Ohmage Sound Pollution
40 East Bay Chasers The East Bay Chasers Industrial Strength
41 Appliance Imperial Metric Mute
42 Old Time Relijun Witchcraft Rebellion K
43 Mudhoney Here Comes Strangeness Fuel 2000
44 Fletcher Pratt Nine by Nine Rainbow Quartz
45 Black Box Recorder The Worst of Black Box Recorder Jetset
46 Cavedogs Fall Back On It Q Division
47 Velvet Crush A Single Odessey Action Muzik
48 Beulah The Coast is Never Clear Velocette
49 Czolgosz Liberation Rodent Popsicle
50 Moldy Peaches The Moldy Peaches Rough Trade

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