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Monthly Rock Report for December 1999
1 Drags Set Right Fit to Blow Clean Up Estrus
2 Bulemics/River City Rapists Split CD Man's Ruin
3 Zeros Right Now Bomp
4 Various Straight Outta Burbank: Bomp's 25th Anniversary Collection Bomp/Total Energy
5 Cheater Slicks Skidmarks Crypt
6 Flotilla Flotilla World Domination
7 Various Another Boston Punk Comp. Rodent Popsicle
8 Various Dangerously Unstable: Suburban Voice #2 Suburban Voice
9 American Steel Rogue's March Lookout!
10 Various Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes Vol. 1: 60 Miles High Dionysus
11 Killdozer Intellectuals are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite Touch and Go
12 Scissorfight New Hampshire Tortuga
13 Various Greetings from the Welfare State Artcore
14 Lucksmiths Staring at the Sky Matinee/Candle
15 Swingin Utters/Youth Brigade BYO Split Series Vol. II BYO
16 Estrella 20/20 Afro Mexicana Estrus
17 Jughead's Revenge Pearly Gates Nitro
18 Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow Snapper
19 Onyas "I'll Be the Judge 7""" Junk
20 Various GS I Love You Too Big Beat
21 Various Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes Vol. 2: The Day Breaks at Dawn Dionysus
22 Mountain Goats Bitter Melon Farm Ajax
23 Low Christmas Kranky
24 Gerty Farish "Deadly Attackers 7""" Menlo Park
25 Birdie Some Dusty IT
26 Zodiac Killers The Most Thrilling Experience Rip Off
27 Anthem Eighty-Eight Define a Lifetime No Idea
28 Frownies Frownies Fastmusic
29 Catheters Catheters Empty
30 Hookers II Black Visions of Crimson Wisdom Scooch Pooch
31 Essex Green Everything is Green Kindercore
32 Wheat Hope and Adams Sugar Free
33 Various Twisted Rico 2000 Twisted Rico
34 Oblivions Best of the Worst (93-97) SFRTI
35 Doleful Lions The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! Parasol
36 Down by Law Fly the Flag Go Kart
37 Real Kids Down to You TKO
38 Various Knitting on the Roof Knitting Factory
39 Various Kindercore Records Christmas Two Kindercore
40 Suicide Machines Suicide Machines Hollywood
41 Electrosonics Neutron Lullaby EP Drive-In
42 Zambonis More Songs About Hockey Tarquin
43 "Numan, Gary and Tubeway Army" The Plan Beggars Banquet
44 Left Nut Everything It Takes to Be an Asshole One Way
45 RF7 God Forbid Smoke 7
46 Resonars Bright and Dark Get Hip
47 Consumed Hit for Six Fat Wreck
48 Various Boston Drops the Gloves: Slapshot Tribute TKO/Flat
49 "Rogers, Wayne" Constant Displacement Twisted Village
50 Flin Flon Boo-Boo Teen Beat

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