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Monthly Rock Report for October 1997
1 Sick Things Sounds of Silence Au Go Go
2 Beatnik Filmstars In Hospitalable Merge
3 No-Talents S/T Broken
4 Apples in Stereo Tone Soul Evolution Spin Art
5 Randumbs It's About Time! GMM
6 Various Hate Your Neighbors Pussy Muncher
7 Crystalized Movements Mind Disaster Twisted Village
8 Abunai! Universal Mind Decoder Camera Obscura
9 Unnatural Axe Is Going to Kick Your Ass Lawless
10 Syrup USA All Over the Land Flydaddy
11 "Knox, Chris" Yes!! Flying Nun
12 Helium The Magic City Matador
13 Brand New Unit Diddley Squat Creative Man
14 Roadsaw Nationwide Curve of the Earth
15 Bowery Electric Vertigo Kranky
16 Bouncing Souls S/T Epitath
17 Cheater Slicks Forgive Thee In the Red
18 Various Nigh Castle Von Buhler
19 Stereolab Dots and Loops Elektra
20 Trouble "Crime and Punishment 7""" GMM
21 High Rise Psychedelic Speed Freaks Time Bomb
22 Pezz One Last Look BYO
23 John Fahey & Cul De Sac The Epiphany of Glenn Jones Thirsty Ear
24 Fu Manchu The Action is Go Mammoth
25 Crazy Alice Hey Jimmy Have a Great Summer Catapult
26 Furious George Gets a Record! Recess
27 Bright The Albatross Guest House Ba Da Bing!
28 Elevator to Hell Eerieconsiliation Sub Pop
29 Fat Day Burrega 100% Breakfast
30 Various ABC's of Punk Whirled
31 Beulah Handsome Western States Elephant 6
32 El-Ron Are Dangdut Kings Russ
33 Patriot Another Dead Generation GMM
34 Jon Cougar Concentration Camp Til Niagra Falls BYO
35 Elevator Drops People Mover Time Bomb
36 Peace Corpse Hardcore PCP
37 Promise Ring Nothing Feels Good Jade Tree
38 Cause for Alarm Birth after Birth Victory
39 Bassholes Blue Roots Revenant
40 Shipping News Save Everything Quarterstick
41 Various Texas: Collection of Texas Garage Punk Au Go Go
42 Various Tokyo Trashville Au Go Go
43 Action Patrol On Patrol Whirled
44 Better than a Thousand Just One Revelation
45 Top Dead Center Anxiety TDC
46 Various For All the URLs I've Loved Escargot
47 Warzone Fight for Justice Victory
48 My Dad is Dead Everyone Wants the Honey Emp Jones
49 Pegboy Cha-Cha Damore Quarterstick
50 Bomb Squadron "Smash Hits 7""" GMM

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