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Monthly Rock Report for March 1997
2 Thee Hydrogen Terrors "Terror, Diplomacy, Public Relations" Load
3 Various Allston Rock City Curve of the Earth
4 Juke/19 Juke/19 Box Set Time Bomb
5 Delgados Domestiques March
6 AC I Like it When You Die Earache
7 Various Something Cool Cher Doll
8 Panasonic Kulma Mute/Blast First
9 Vehicle Birth Vehicle Birth
10 Brilliantine Vainglory Hep Cat
11 Pendulum Floors Kicking Good Time Villa Villanula
12 Los Ass Draggers Abby Road Kill Crypt
13 "Smith, Elliot" Either Or Kill Rock Stars
14 Various Little Darla Treat 6 Darla
15 Peat Mos "Earl Grey Tea 7""" Sonorama
16 "Davis, John" Blue Mountain Shrimper
17 Chrome Cranks Oily Cranks Atavistic
18 Unbunny Analog Tray Full of Lab Mice
19 Hovercraft Akathisia Mute
20 Crude Inner City Guitar Perspectives Flying Nun
21 Shiva Speedway Below the Belt
22 Various Cancerous Reagans/Disco Crisis CI
23 Blonde Redhead Fake Can Be Just as Good Touch and Go
24 Van Pelt Sultans of Sentiment Gern Blandsten
25 Dropkick Murphys "Fire and Brimstone 7""" Cyclone
26 Kerosene 454 S/T Dischord
27 Behead the Prophet Great and Fiery Force Outpunk
28 Various Miltown/Castiron Hike Hatin Life
29 Various Teen Beat 1997 Teen Beat
30 Hot Water Music Fuel for Hate Game No Idea/Toybox
31 Containe Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards
32 Makers Hunger Estrus
33 Bettie Serveert Dust Bunnies Matador/Capitol
34 Honkeyball Onetime Wonderdrug
35 Various Fuxa/Bright Darla
36 Dwarves Young and Good Looking Theologian
37 Long Hind Legs S/T Kill Rock Stars
38 Sundial "Ghost Machine 7""" Distortion
39 Blur S/T Virgin
40 Various KXLU Live KXLU
41 "Minekawa, Takako" Roomic Cube March
42 Sixteen Deluxe Pilot Knob Genius
43 Various CIA via UFO Atavistic
44 Number One Cup Wrecked by Lions Flydaddy
45 Sexpod Godless Blues Slab
46 Philth Shack Don't Worry God Hates People Sonic Trout
47 Sunshine Blind Liquid Energy
48 ThreeD's Strange News from the Angels Flying Nun
49 Eleventh Dream Day Eighth Thrill Jockey
50 Sea and Cake The Fawn Thrill Jockey
51 LES Stitches Snapped Eyeball
52 Servotron Spare Parts Am Rep

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