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Yearly Rock Report for 1995
1 Teengenerate Get Action Crypt
2 Cheater Slicks Don't Like You Inthe Red
3 Spent Songs of Drinking Merge
4 Guitar Wolf S/T Bag of Hammers
5 Chrome Cranks S/T PCP/Matador
6 Big Heifer That Lucid Feeling Hat Factory
7 Sixths Wasps Nests London
8 Yo La Tengo Electr-o-pura Matador
9 Various Bujllshit Detector Mass Media
10 Various Anon Castle Von Buelher
11 Antietam Rope-a-dope Homestead
12 Various Long Secret Harriet
13 Fat Day S/T 100% Breakfast
14 Railroad Jerk One Track Mind Matador
15 Unwound Future of What Kill Rock Stars
16 Good Horsey Kazue Trakshun Industries
17 Cakekitchen Stompin Thru Boneyard Merge
18 Apples Fun Trick Noisemaker Spin Art
19 Hydrogen Terrors Erotic Adventures Load
20 Eighteenth Dye Tribute to Bus Che
21 Ditch Croaker Chimpfactor Fine Corinthian
22 June of 44 Engine Takes tooWAter 1/4 Stick
23 Number One Cup Possum Trot Plan Flydaddy
24 Gaunt See Mom From Here Thrill Jockey
25 "Smith, Kendra" Five Ways of disapperaing 4AD
26 Dead C White HOuse Siltbreeze
27 SF Seals Truth Walks Sleepy Matador
28 Small Factory If You Canot Fly Vernon Yard
29 Cardinal S/T Flydaddy
30 Various Our Band Could Be Little Brother
31 Guided By Voices Alien Lanes Matador
32 Labradford Stable Reference Kranky
33 Six Finger Satellite Severe Exposure Subpop
34 PJ Harvey Bring You My Love Island
35 Dog Faced Hermans Those Deep Buds Alternative Tentacle
36 Six L6 Superstar Summit
37 Dirt Merchants Scarified Zero Hour
38 Television Personalities "Yes Darling, Is It Art?" Seed
39 In Out "Levitt House 7""" Viscera Versa
40 Oblivians Soul Food Crypt
41 Chrome Cranks Dead Cool Crypt
42 Various Rockstarskill Kill Rock Stars
43 Various Bitter Pill to Swallow Over the Counter
44 Guns and Wankers Dancing and Listening Fat Wreck
45 Team Dresch Personal Best CandyAss/Chainsaw
46 Spare Snare Live at Home Chute
47 Potawatomi Last Funeral Kollaps
48 Various Kids sndtk London
49 Various 500 Miles Glory Red Devil
50 Tree Plant Tree or die Cherrydisc
51 Opium Den Secret Sky self release
52 Poster Children Junior Citizen Sire/Reprise
53 Various Lune/Karate self release
54 Dambuilders Ruby Red Eastwest
55 Bailter Space Wammo Matador
56 Tuscadero Pink Album Teenbeat
57 Helium Dirt of Luck Matador
58 Beatnik Filmstars Astronaut House La Di Da
59 Five Chinese Brothers Stone Soup Prime CD
60 Speedball Baby Straight for Supper PCP
61 Amoebic Ensemble Limbic Rage Over the Counter
62 Dirty Three S/T Touch and Go
63 Palace Brothers Viva Last Blues Drag City
64 Gate Golden IMD
65 Cosmic Psychos Self Totalled Amp-Rep
66 Blonde Redhead La Mia Vita Smells Like
67 Various This is Ft. Apache MCA
68 Various Unconvinced /Sparkelepsy Soul Static Sound
69 Pipe 6 Days til Bellus Jesus Christ
70 Various Live from Masque Flipside
71 Love Battery Straight Freak Ticker Alias
72 Papas Fritas "Passion Play 7""" Minty Fresh
73 Hum Prefer an Astronaut RCA
74 "Bell, Sandra" Net IMD
75 Butterglory Downed Merge
76 Various Another Asshole Atavistic
77 Sardina Presents Hit it
78 Pram Wide Sargasso Sea Too PUre
79 Grenadine Nopalitos Simple Machines
80 Grifters Queen of Table Water Subpop
81 Helium "Pat's Trick 7""" Matador
82 Bilders Cut IMD
83 Bettie Serveet Lamprey Matador/Atlantic
84 Various Want Comp Uno Wantage
85 "5,6,7,8's" S/T AuGoGo
86 Sone S/T Earth To
87 Half Japanese Greatest Hits Safe House
88 FSA Further Drag City
89 Godheadsilo Elephantitus Kill Rock Stars
90 Magic Hour Turn you On or Turn on You Twisted Village
91 Versus Dead Leaves Teen Beat
92 "Hooker, William" Armageddon Homestead
93 Bowery Electric S/T Kranky
94 Joy Division Permanent Qwest/Warner Bros.
95 Bollweevils Heavyweight Dr. Strange
96 "Matthews, Eric" Heavy in Here Subpop
97 "Laughner, Peter" Take Guitar Player Tim Kerr
98 Spiny Anteaters All is Well Kranky
99 Bunny Brains Bunny Magick Blackjack
100 Showcase Showdown "Bob Innocent 7""" Pogostick
101 Mad Scene Sealight Merge

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