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WMBR Special Events Calendar This Month
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12:00pm: Patnauseam Monomanical Marathon: Spanish Flea on Subject to Change

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12:00pm: Loving the Aliens (Part 1) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: Hikaru Utada is HIP-HOP しかもリアル Hikaru Utada, Chiyori, audiot909, NARISK, Peelander-Z on Near and Far

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12:00pm: Patnauseam: Brown-Eyed Handsome Man on Subject to Change

9 10

7:00pm: MIDNIGHT DELIVERY ft. Lee Jin Ah, Kambyu Mami, Kabeaushe, Foodman, Towa Tei, Uyuni on Near and Far

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11:00pm: Interview with Vashti Bunyan on Music for Eels


12:00pm: Patnauseam Mini-Monomaniacal Marathon: I'll Fly Away on Subject to Change

16 17

7:00pm: LIVE IN THE MOMENT ft. uruwashi, reina, lil summer, Nicolas Jaar, Voice Actor on Near and Far

18 19 20 21

12:00pm: Patnauseam:Cherish on Subject to Change

23 24

7:00pm: 無ートピア ("mu-topia") ft. Haraguchi S., Septeni Raptures, Madlemon, Paive, SARM, Coucou Chloe on Near and Far

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11:00pm: Dave Herlihy LIVE on Music for Eels!


12:00pm: Patnauseam: Love Vigilantes on Subject to Change

30 31

7:00pm: RIDING A COMET'S TAIL Saho Terao, Wona, Foodman, evicshen, 1tbsp, Harikuyamaku on Near and Far

10:00pm: Infra Halloween - Modular - 095 - feat. Sapera


6:00am: WMBR Fundraising 2023 - Day One

12:00am: WMBR Fundraising 2023 - Day Two


10:00pm: New Wave New Year Tribute on Sewersounds

12:15am: WMBR Fundraising 2023 - Day Three


12:15am: WMBR Fundraising 2023 - Day Four


12:15am: WMBR Fundraising 2023 - Day Five

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