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Friday Programs:
7-8am The Scene
Hosted by: Nick Saloman & Paul Simmons
Psychedelia, soul, surf, blues, rock, beat, mod, prog, easy, rock & roll and a whole lot more fed through the distinctly British mincer that is The Bevis Frond's Nick Saloman and The Alchemysts' Paul Simmons Scene Radio show.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 07:00 am
Fri Oct 17 07:00 am
8-10am Breakfast of Champions
Hosted by: Katie, Jeff, Ted, Becca, Lucy, Keith & Jon
Start your morning off right with a bowl full of sugary sweet pop goodness, sprinkle on some tasty punk influences, and help yourself to the buffet of sumptuous soundscapes, melancholy melodies, quirky cadences and raucous rock.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 08:00 am
Fri Oct 17 08:00 am
10am-Noon Late Risers' Club
Hosted by: Joanie, Mark, Mully, Olga, Jeff, Tim, Mateo, Angela, Fred, Ron and Ben!
Rocking you hardest, earliest since 1977. The longest running punk rock show on the planet. Wake up, tune in, rock out!
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 10:00 am
Fri Oct 17 10:00 am
Noon-2pm Lost and Found
Hosted by: Mark Francis, Eli Polonsky, Brother Wayne, Christopher Vyce, Alex McNeil, Bob Dubrow, Lawrence Azrin
Rock, pop, and soul from the ’60s and early ’70s, but not the same old songs you hear every day on commercial radio.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 12:00 pm
Fri Oct 17 12:00 pm
2-4pm Coffeetime
Hosted by: Angelynn Grant
Hard bop, bebop, west coast and cool, early and vocal jazz. Plus, every so often, jazz from the movies or TV. And, at the end of the show, a little bit of gospel, a little bit of soul. Coffeetime turned 20 in Feb 2012. Knock loudly :: happy face.

Twitter Feed: @angelynng
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 02:00 pm
Fri Oct 17 02:00 pm
4-5:30pm I Love a Parade
Hosted by: Lindsay Ellison
Who doesn't love a parade? You never know wha'cher gonna get when spoken word, the local conversations and roots/rock music float by. Throwin' ear candy atcha... Catch it!
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 04:00 pm
Fri Oct 17 04:00 pm
5:30-6pm WMBR Nightly News
Hosted by: WMBR News Department
News and views from journalists and independent producers around the country with an emphasis on critical issues of the day and in-depth analysis. Plus local reporting from the WMBR News Department and Open Media Boston.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 05:30 pm
Fri Oct 17 05:30 pm
6-7pm What's Left
Hosted by: Linda Pinkow
Political talk, music of all genres, art and culture, live interviews, and pre-recorded sounds, all interconnected by a radical vision.
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 06:00 pm
Fri Oct 17 06:00 pm
Alternates Weekly
Fun Hazard
Hosted by: DJ Candy
Non-stop female pop!! Warning: listening may lead to shenanigans, frolicking, antics, and general fun-having.
Upcoming shows: Oct 31
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 07:00 pm
Fri Oct 17 07:00 pm
Alternates Weekly
Brainworms Radio
Hosted by: R Oast Beest
A futuristic variety show, emanating from your local transmetropolitan underground.
Upcoming shows:
Twitter Feed: @brainwormsradio
Listen to past shows: 
Alternates Weekly
The Wrong Generation
Hosted by: Patrick Wahl
Are you a preteen Zeppelin fan? A geezer who's into today's hottest tracks? We don't discriminate here - playing rock from the 1960s to now.
Upcoming shows: Oct 31
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 08:00 pm
Fri Oct 17 08:00 pm
Alternates Weekly
Indy Cindie
Hosted by: Cindy Huang
Discover the best music and up and coming artists of the indiestry with indycindie! Reviews of the best in indie/alternative/electronic music, videos, bands, shows and more. Check out iindycindie.tumblr.com for more!
Upcoming shows:
Listen to past shows: 
9-10pm Anarchist Agenda
Hosted by: Derb
Playing whatever I want since 2013. Call in and I might just put your request on air - satire is most welcome!
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 09:00 pm
Fri Oct 17 09:00 pm
Alternates Weekly
Si No Hay Material
Hosted by: Amy Battisti-Ashe
Celebrating the African diaspora in Latin America: rumba, son y guaguancó from Cuba; palenque and champeta from Colombia; axé, pagode and manguebit from Brazil; y siempre, salsa con conciencia!
Upcoming shows: Oct 31
Listen to past shows:  Fri Oct 24 10:00 pm
Fri Oct 17 10:00 pm
Alternates Weekly
Hosted by: Dana Scott
An edutainment onslaught from DJ/hip hop journalist Dana Scott teaching listeners how to rock hard to the dopest beats in the union!
Upcoming shows:
Listen to past shows: 
Alternates Weekly
Rocks, Pops, Kilts and Alternatives
Hosted by: Craig Thorburn
Rock, Alternative, Pop. Pretty much anything and everything from anywhere. Presented by the Raging Scotsman.
Upcoming shows: Nov 1
Listen to past shows:  Sat Oct 25 12:00 am
Sat Oct 18 12:00 am
Alternates Weekly
Robby and Kiana's Magic Carpet Ride
Hosted by: Robby Vasen, Kiana Jodeiry
Let us take you on a magic carpet ride from band to band as we map the evolution of music.
Upcoming shows:
Listen to past shows: 
1-2am The Illest Villains
Hosted by: Reva Butensky and Ellie Klose
You'll just have to listen to find out. With a new theme every week, we don't even know what you should expect. Wait, no. There will be music. Definitely expect music.
Listen to past shows:  Sat Oct 25 01:00 am
Sat Oct 18 01:00 am
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